5 habits that make you have no lover forever

Why is the waiter smiling at the girl next door, but his face is cold to you. She wears a red dress, and you wear a crumpled outfit.

Brightside points out 6 habits that get in the way, making it impossible to find your crush.

1. There is no room for love

You are ready to find your lover. However, you are busy tonight (you are always busy all month), you are busy meeting friends over the weekend to hear them complain about their problems, or have to move your house, babysitting ... You are having time for everything, but no room for love.
5 habits that make you have no lover forever

What you need to do: Steve McClatchy, author of famous psychology books, advises those who are looking for a lover, then take it as an important task, giving it time and effort as priorities. other. Setting the wrong priority will not bring you happiness.

2. Don't forget your ex

You have finally found someone to date. You spend a lot of time in front of a mirror, trying on costumes, imagining admiring glances. But as soon as you walk out the door, you just want to cry, because the picture of your ex-lover appears, the perfect, kind, caring guy. Psychologist Sigmund Freud said the past relationship greatly affects the current relationship.

What you need to do: Answer the question why are you still suffering? Time-reversing camera hasn't been invented yet, so regretting what happened is impossible. Keep the good things about the old person in your heart, but open your heart to your new relationship. Then at some point you will see the image of the old person no longer invading your heart as you think.

3. Howling in the house

Fatigue, bad weather, winter are the reasons you want to lock yourself in the house. A new movie, good book, knitting ... is also why you like to lock yourself. Staying at home for so long, it's not difficult to understand that you always feel sad and lonely.
5 habits that make you have no lover forever

What you need to do is go out more. How you want to find a prince, sow seeds that way. Only when you act, the perfect person for you appears.

4. Does not take care of appearance

Have you ever asked, why is the waiter smiling at the girl next door, but his face is cold to you. Handsome gentleman wants to know the name of the red dress girl. A woman with a faint scent of perfume made everyone turn their heads. As for you, with your old ponytail and old coat, no one will notice you.

What you need to do: Leil Lowndes, an expert in media psychology, thinks that the first impression is the foundation of future relationships. Of course, intelligence should be, but don't forget to help yourself look good, form and soul in the eyes of others.

5. Influenced too much by the parents' opinions

The last precious moment has come: You start loving. Mother asked about his personality, his father cared about his work. They came to the conclusion that he was not worthy of you. And you wonder between your feelings and your parents' thoughts. Just like that, you miss one guy after another.
5 habits that make you have no lover forever

Researchers Tim Fawcett and Piet Berg from the University of Bristol, who conducted the study, said that parents often dislike the choice of their children and that is perfectly normal. You should act according to your mind and heart, see the advice of parents as a reference.