Actions in women make men "Run high and fly"

Sometimes, just because of ugly habits, women accidentally "lose points" heavily in the eyes of men.
The word "predestined" has an extremely important role in life, especially for women. A girl who is beautiful and predestined to go everywhere is loved by everyone, but with an unfortunate girl only makes her worse and worse in the eyes of people and men no matter how beautiful. Here are things you should keep in mind so that you don't make mistakes.
Eating while speaking
Actions in women make men "Run high and fly"

Women eat and drink, chew all food in their mouth and then talk. One is because it is not good for health, the other is because it looks very charming and poor in front of other people, especially men.

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Definitely when eating, women should not talk while talking. Illustration.

At the same time, when talking, you must have moderation, do not speak curtly to please the other person. Although you don't like them so much, you should use the most polite attitude to continue the conversation.
Actions in women make men "Run high and fly"

Laugh said too loud

Girls who talk loudly, and laugh like they are about to break a house are often very upset with people. For men, it was a girl who was feminine and thoughtless.

In fact, people who have the habit of speaking loudly or loudly are annoying to people around, especially when you shout at the phone while the surrounding is trying to keep quiet. If you have this bad habit, please try to overcome it to avoid affecting people and improve your "big lady" image.

Whisper loudly in front of others

This is considered to be ungainly and impolite. How would you feel if in a meeting or crowded people, the person opposite you had to whisper loudly to the next person? Not just you but everyone around you is afraid and unnatural. For your part, if you have and often do so, it is not only impolite but also makes people suspicious and uncomfortable.
Actions in women make men "Run high and fly"


Women who open their mouths and say vulgar words will make men run long. Swearing does not help you express your personality but also makes the opposite person feel uncomfortable.

Although it may not mean bad, people who open their mouth to swear are often judged badly by others. So restrain your words. Be a woman of ten thousand people fascinated by speaking skillfully and in moderation.

In the past, there was a saying "eat in the pot, sit in the direction". If while eating you or eating quickly, always use a towel, chew hard sounding and vibrating thighs when eating ... you will "lose points" with men. By simple, a charming girl is expressed through eating. During the meal you should be gentle, gentle, always considerate for everyone to eat. "