How to date women

Perhaps you also realize that there is no single solution in dating women, because every girl is different. What makes this girl impressive may also make her uncomfortable, but this is just the chance that you encounter when dating. In addition to the personal interests of each girl, following some general rules during their appointment will help you get a second, and even Tuesday. Read on to find out how to succeed when dating.
1. Always be yourself
Demonstrate confidence. One of the most attractive features that potential dating partners often own is confidence. These girls are often attracted to many interesting things, such as: you participate in many activities, have many friends, you have political opinions and long-term goals.
Confidence can be promoted in many ways. You don't have to be a basketball star to attract women; You just need to be involved in things that show your true personality. Think of activities that allow you to shine?
There is a big difference between confidence and arrogance. Confident people are admired by many with their talents and courtesy and humility. If you're confident about yourself, you don't need to brag about it.
How To Date Women - Single Dating

2.Always honest.
Don't pretend to be someone else - you will recognize the lies. Finding out about the band she likes to talk about while talking is absolutely nothing wrong, but don't pretend to play the guitar unless you intend to perform in front of her. sometime. Always be honest so you don't have to lie.

3. Make a good self.
Every girl has a different taste, or "taste," but don't worry too much about choosing the most trendy outfits. Dress appropriately - such as: don't wear a sleeveless top to a luxury bar and don't spray too much perfume. If you go to a party with an outfit that shows your personality and gives you confidence, you'll act that way - and maybe the girl you want to impress will forget her ideal type. .
Don't talk too much about a girl's appearance. Everyone likes to receive compliments, especially when they try to impress and be beautiful, but that shouldn't be the main topic of conversation. Let the girl you want to date share more than just her lovely dress and shoes.
Especially avoid making sex comments about her appearance when you are trying to date her. Only give nice compliments about her outfit, hair, or smile.

Become a sincere speaker. Avoid flirtatious sentences because they are often untrue. When talking to a girl, say what you really want to tell her. When she answers, don't pretend to listen, listen really, and try to bring a "genuine" feeling to the conversation.
Of course the conversation should be appropriate to the situation. If you're at a noisy bar, the girl you're talking to probably won't be in the mood to talk about personal or philosophical topics. Even so, you can still exchange meaningful things about the music, the crowd or the feeling of that evening to express your joy of being with her.

Let her feel comfortable. When you've just met a girl and you want to date her, it's important that you make her feel comfortable to be yourself. Cherish her personality and uniqueness, and try not to be judgmental.
If you criticize something, even if it's a joke, this will make her misunderstand and no longer want to open up to you.
Ask lots of questions and give logical feedback to let her know you're listening and interested in what she has to say.
Joking to make the conversation interesting, but avoid making fun of her, her friends and family, or anything else that would hurt her feelings during the initial dating period.
How To Date Women - Single Dating

4. Become the ideal dating appointment
Invest for the first appointment. Take her to a special place. Not necessarily a luxurious place, but it must show that you have invested in thinking. Take her to your favorite restaurant, or take her to a beautiful view of the picnic. If you know she likes a sports team, you should buy tickets to watch the match with her.
Create a surprise. Consistency is important when dating, but you should also create a romantic surprise. The surprise will depend on her personality - maybe she'll love it when you're cooking for dinner, sending flowers to her office, or planning an enjoyable weekend. She will be impressed by your kindness, if you occasionally show it in your actions.