Things to know when you love a depressed person

Depression is a common disease in modern society. According to WHO, an estimated 350 million people worldwide suffer from depression. Anyone can get sick, including family members, friends, or your loved one. Equip yourself with the knowledge to love a depressed person to make love last longer.

There are many things to keep in mind when interacting with and caring for people with depression, especially when loving a depressed person because the actions, emotions, and thoughts of falling in love can have a huge impact on the psychology of surname.
Things to know when you love a depressed person

1. Depressed people have a very strong personality
Philosopher and psychiatrist Neel Burton explained that depression can be a representation of the search for meaning and value of life. People with depression can be compared to someone who is working to make a sense of life, trying and correcting, improving things to gain more value. In addition, depression is also a way to prepare for a better future.

It takes a strong spirit to admit depression. It is also the motivation that motivates people to find out many things in life. It can be said that depression can lead people into the deep forest of the soul and find the good things that are hidden.

2. Depressed people are easy to appreciate when they are suddenly asked
One of the common symptoms in people with depression is to want to be alone. However, a word of encouragement is a very effective mental medicine, helpful for patients.

Loneliness, lack of family affection, lack of social relationships are one of the causes of depression. So people with depression want to be cared for, more around, more taken care of. They seem to want to be alone but they don't want to be abandoned.
Things to know when you love a depressed person

If you are in love with a depressed person, you should not stay away from them but need to stay close to them, your emotional state, and your interest in them. Romance of family, friends, especially love is a very effective natural medicine for people with depression.

Loneliness, lack of family affection, lack of social relationships are one of the causes of depression.
3. Depressed people don't want to burden anyone
People with depression can be aware of the emotions and treatment of those around them. They often want to isolate themselves because they do not want to depend on or become a burden to anyone, they want to control themselves so as not to affect others. However, this thinking is also one of the effects that make the condition worse.

If unfortunately the person has actions or words that hurt or offend you, remember that it is due to the effects of depression, not their nature. You should tell your loved one that you fully accept them and their condition and tell them the strengths and the things that make you love them.

4. Depressed people are not "disabled" or "disabled".
Whatever the cause of the disease, the person with depression is not a "disabled" or "disabled" person, as many people think today. Their qualities and personalities have nothing to do with getting sick. If you love a depressed person, you should cherish, show respect, and treat them as ordinary people.

5. Depressed people are philosophers
People with depression often have a lot of thoughts, many perceptions about life, happiness and meaningful things. The worldview of depressed people is much wider and broader than that of ordinary people. They are smart, creative, eager to learn.

6. Depressed people work hard to fight the disease
People with depression should be encouraged, supported and supported by relatives and friends by them and help them feel sincere affection, care and care. Your presence with them is a great source of encouragement to help them overcome this disease.

7. Depressed people want a chance to laugh
Laughter and relaxation are beneficial for people with depression. Help them feel comfortable, bring more joy and laughter in life.

8. Depressed people are sensitive to other people's emotions and actions
People with depression pay close attention to and care about the emotions of people around them. They observe how you see and treat them. Be respectful and considerate with people with depression, build a good relationship based on healthy communication and certain boundaries.

People with depression pay close attention to and care about the emotions of people around them
9. Depressed people should be treated with respect
Many people with depression suffer from discrimination. Respecting the sick will help them improve their condition. See them as true human values, not when they are sick. Do not let the flare-ups of their illness make you misjudge the person they are, forget their true personality and qualities.
Things to know when you love a depressed person

10. Depressed people should be treated fairly
Think of someone with depression as a normal person. You can continue to do your job without being overly cautious of them.

11. Depressed people are talented and have fun
Anyone has certain talents and interests, including people with depression. They may even be better than a lot of ordinary people. Help them find their abilities, forte and some favorite activities to be able to eradicate negative symptoms.

12. Depressed people are fully capable of giving and receiving love
If you are in love with someone with depression, love them wholeheartedly, treat them the way you would like them to treat you. Intermingled during periods of symptoms, they still have thoughts, feelings, joys and laughter.

13. Depressed people are passionate about learning how life works
Depressed people have a lot of questions, they often ask questions, deeply analyze everything. They are learners, hidden talents.

14. Depressed people do not intend to surrender to the disease
Depression can be treated. People who know that they accept the disease themselves will be able to treat the disease more effectively than the person who is hiding the disease, without looking directly at the truth.

15. Depressed people can be sad for no reason
Depression causes people with emotional disorders, mood changes quickly, they can be sad for no reason at all. So be with them as much as possible, helping them feel cared, happy and happy. Maybe just sitting by, reading a book, watching a movie together or walking with them ...

Depressed people can be sad for no reason
16. Depressed people may not have as much energy as they would like
Depressed people are always moody, tired, lack of vitality, they don't have the energy, excitement to do anything. To support the treatment process, patients need to exercise and improve their health. Take a walk with your lover, run gently or play sports, both as a way to relax and improve the chances of winning depression, regain morale for the sick.

17. Depressed people are easily irritable
Depressed people are easily irritable, taking actions and words that hurt you. You should not pay attention to these things, gently tell them how you are feeling and what you want from them. If they continue to be irritable and don't want to listen, be quiet, wait for the emotions to subside, and try talking again. Let them feel that you love them but you also love yourself and need them to be appreciated.